Windows Live Writer + Xamarin

Yesterday has been released Open Live Writer, the open source version of the famous Windows Live Writer!

Windows Live Writer has been probably the most successful application for blog management on Windows of the last decade, the first version was released in 2006 and it was updated until 2009.

It still is today part of the Windows Essential package that you can download from here and even if it’s development has been discontinued people from all over the world continue to download and use this amazing program.

For this reason, a group of 50 people at Microsoft at the beginning of 2015 started working to create an open source version of it and donated it to the community. You can find more details here and the bits here J


Wouldn’t it be awesome to have Windows Live Writer on Mac Os X, Android and even iOS? Fortunately this is possible today thanks to Xamarin even if it will take a decent amount of time 😀

This is why today I’m starting Cross Live Writer, the multiplatform, open source version of Windows Live Writer!