16th January 2016 C#

Cross Live Writer // 01

After some time spent reading and trying to figure out where to start the porting on Open Live Writer, I started converting on of the projects of the solutions, “HTML Parser” to a PCL in order to be able to use this code later in my Xamarin apps. I thought to share my changes here […]

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10th December 2015 XAMARIN

Windows Live Writer + Xamarin

Yesterday has been released Open Live Writer, the open source version of the famous Windows Live Writer! Windows Live Writer has been probably the most successful application for blog management on Windows of the last decade, the first version was released in 2006 and it was updated until 2009. It still is today part of […]

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WordPress and the power of Azure SQL

Microsoft Azure is surely one of the best cloud platforms available right now, it offers many services, from Machine Learning to Website Hosting, and each one is guaranteed by the Microsoft name. It is the best solution for companies or startups and there are a lot of great opportunities to try it for free such as […]

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Xamarin.Forms + Azure Mobile Services

One of the most amazing feature on Microsoft Azure are the mobile Services, a set of tools that allows the developer to integrate cloud based features in their apps with extremely low efforts. Azure Mobile Services are available trough an SDK for all the most modern mobile platforms (but we can also use REST APIs) and […]

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12th February 2015 XAMARIN.FORMS

Xamarin.Forms + NFC

NFC (Near field communication) is a short-range radio technology that enables communication between units (devices) without direct physical touch. We can use it, for example, to create paperless tickets, access controls, cashless payments, and car keys. It is pretty simple to integrate these functionalities in our native apps and we can find dozens of tutorials on how to do that […]

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