Debug.WriteLine(“Hello ItaliaDotNet!”);

A big change is coming!

After many years of successful events, courses and community activities, the Facebook page MSP Exp is going through a rebranding!

MSP Exp was born in 2013 to be a place where people who attended our events could be updated on future initiatives, share their opinions, findings and, in general, keep in touch with us.
The main topic was the Microsoft Developer world, and we’ve talked about almost everything, from Kinect to Unity3D, from Windows Phone 7 to Xamarin.
The name standed for “Microsoft Student Partner Experience” as many of us at the time where microsoft Student Partners and it worked pretty well: it had more than 650 likes and it was because of it that many events where sold out in few hours!

If you are curious or nostalgic you can check the Twitter Clone here 😀


As of today none of us is a Microsoft Student Partner anymore so it is time for a change.
MspExp will be replaced by ItaliaDotNet, a page that aims to continue to be a place of reference for future events and initiatives as MSP Exp was.


If you want to follow us in this journey go ahead and Like ItaliaDotNet 😀